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real estate / real property

Land, buildings, and whatever is attached or affixed to the land.


The act of entering in the public records, the written record of title to real property, thereby giving constructive notice to the public.


To relinquish an interest or claim to a piece of property.


The future interest in an estate which takes effect after the termination of another estate, such as a life estate; what is left at the termination of a life estate.


Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is a federal law which deals with the procedures to be followed in a real estate closing, and is intended to make borrowers more knowledgeable about possible costs and charges.


Limitations on the use or occupancy of real estate contained in a deed or in local ordinances pertaining to land use.

right of survivorship

The right of a surviving joint tenant to take ownership of a deceased joint tenant's share of the property.

right of way

A strip of land used for roadway or easement purposes.

running with the land

A phrase used in property law to describe a right or duty that remains with a piece of property no matter who owns it.

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